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John 12:1-8 and Mark 16:1-6


The peace of God be with you... Today, we gather to reflect upon another profound role of Jesus Christ as the foundation and focus of the Christian woman. Today marks world women's day or mother's day, i want to use this opportunity to wish my mother,  Abena Osaa Manu and my beloved wife, Lydia Kumah a blessed mother's day. They have been the very pillars God is using to keep me going.

Christian Woman

A Christian woman is the woman who has personal encounter and sustained relationship with Christ and holds high their faith to impact generations under them.
Women are the cause and effect of the society through their nurturing and integration of the individual in the society.  The Christian woman, for instance, a Presbyterian woman shapes the society with godly disciplined people for national development. 

Our readings from John 12:1-8 and Mark 16:1-6 provide a framework for understanding the significance of Jesus in the life of every woman who walks in faith.

In John 12:1-8, we witness the beautiful scene of Mary anointing Jesus' feet with costly perfume and wiping them with her hair. This act of deep devotion and love demonstrates the intimate connection between a believer, especially a woman, and her Lord. Mary's actions reveal several key aspects of the Christian woman's relationship with Jesus.

Firstly, Jesus is the foundation of her faith. Just as a building stands firm on a solid foundation, so does the Christian woman build her life upon the teachings, love, and grace of Jesus Christ. Without this foundation, she would be like a ship without an anchor, easily swayed by the storms of life. When a mither build a strong foundation, the family and the society is safe from sinking. 

Secondly, Jesus is the focus of her worship. Mary's act of anointing Jesus' feet symbolizes her reverence, humility, and adoration for herSaviour. Similarly, the Christian woman's worship is centered on Jesus Christ. He is the one she seeks in times of joy and sorrow, the one she turns to for guidance and strength.

Thirdly, the Christian woman's action sets the future in place. Mary's act of devotion in worship was prophetic as Jesus puts it, “Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial." The Christian woman prepares herself, family and society for future.

I can recall how my mother always prepared a day's meal with tomorrow in mind. She will say, "let's not waste food, keep it for tomorrow when you are back from school." She was always right on that. Mary prepared Jesus for His burial.

The Mark 16:1-6 further emphasizes Jesus' pivotal role in the lives of women. It tells the story of the women who went to Jesus' tomb, only to find it empty. Their encounter with the angelic message, "He has risen," marks a pivotal moment in Christian history and underscores the central role of Jesus in the resurrection and redemption of humanity.

For the Christian woman, Jesus' resurrection is not just a historical event but a living reality that shapes her identity and purpose. It assures her of new life, hope, and the promise of eternity with her Lord.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana women's fellowship has this as their aims; is to help the women in the church lead exemplary lives as Christian women in love and unity, so that at home, in the market, and the public, their behaviour will attract others, especially, women to Christ. The Christian woman builds and grow her faith amd attract all manner of persons to Christ.

As we reflect on these passages, let us remember that Jesus Christ is not only the foundation and focus of the Christian woman but of every believer. His love knows no bounds, His grace is boundless, and His presence is ever-present in our lives.


May we, as Christian women, continue to build our lives upon the rock of Jesus Christ, worshiping Him with all our hearts, and proclaiming His resurrection power to the world. Amen.

Once again, happy mother's day to all mothers and prospective mothers 

Shalom aleikhem...

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